Please Welcome Our First Business Outreach Partner: Seapot Restaurant

Seapot Restaurant

We’re thrilled to announce that Seapot Lau Oc Hai San, a Vietnamese restaurant located in San Jose, California, is the first business to join “We Support Happy Planet Children!” As a founding member of this business outreach program, Seapot will be looking at ways to promote the Happy Planet Children fundraising activities, among other things by displaying and distributing promotional materials to customers.

We invite you to visit Seapot! When you visit, make sure to mention that you support Happy Planet Children and they will donate 10% of your bill to the fundraiser upon your first visit. By contributing to this fundraising campaign, Hien Cao and Kelvin Do from Seapot are making the statement that despite being abandoned by their families or orphaned, all children deserve a decent childhood, an education, and a chance at a better life.

Wonder what you should order?

There’s something for everyone on the menu. “Seapot is the perfect place to satisfy your appetite with Vietnamese selections of ranging from vegetarian dishes to specialty hot pots”, says Kelvin Do.

In addition to specializing in hot pots and sea snails, they also offer a variety of appetizers and main courses such as banh canh cua (Vietnamese thick and hearty noodle crab soup), hủ tiếu mì (Vietnamese pork and seafood noodle soup), oc (snail), ngheu (clams), chem chep (mussels), and muc (squid). Their top selling dishes include stir-fried lobster noodle and tamarind sate clams.

Customer Accolades

See what customers have to say about Seapot:

“The best snails I have found in San Jose. Food is awesome. Best customer service.” D. L.

“The best lobster udon” L. B.

Fantastic place for seafood with touch of Vietnamese flavors.” V.P.

A nice cozy little place to enjoy some of the more “exotic” delights depending on your experience with the kinds of seafood delicacies they specialize in. It’s a great place for the more tame shellfish varieties like bloody clams, razor clams, oysters, and mussels. But where this place really stands out from other places is its offerings of balut, escargot, and snail.” T. P.

“Came across this place accidentally while looking for another Viet place in the area.  Insanely good.  Just go… especially if you’re into shellfish like I am.  They have razor clams and cockles which are not commonly available in the US.” M. C.

“Superb food!” P. N.

“I like this place! The food is good and the service was exceptional. My wife came here cause it’s a friends favorite place, and for sure it didn’t disappoint.” J.C.

Contact Information

We think you’ll really enjoy the food and excellent service, while contributing to the well-being of orphans in Vietnam. Seapot is located at 3005 Silver Creek Road in San Jose, California, and opens from 10:30 am to 10 pm every day, except Monday. Get directions. Hope to see you there!

How Can You Help?

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass.


The children from the Center for Innocent Children – like Ngoc, Mai, and the twins – come from many places with different backgrounds and contexts. They have unique personalities and various needs. With our continued support, Sister Vinh will be able to carry forward her quest to help these deserving children. Please consider joining us on this journey by contributing to the Happy Planet Children fundraiser.

Get Involved

Children need champions! Get involved, speak out, volunteer and give every child a fair chance to succeed. We’re looking forward to connecting with you online or in person and joining forces on Facebook and LinkedIn. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make an offline donation.

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