Jewelry With a Story: Buy It. Wear It. Share It.

I just received three beautiful pieces of jewelry from Eden Ministry who has been working with trafficked girls and women in Asia for over 15 years. In those 15 years, over 500 women have been rescued. Their innovative victim support program is holistic in its approach and includes safe houses, barista training, creative therapy, hair & beauty training, technical & language training, and retail sales training. They also create precious jewelry that carries their stories. All profits benefit each woman that comes to Eden, so that more women can be provided with the opportunity to gain training and employment.

Here’s a little background about the three pieces of jewelry I received.

Wrapped in Courage Bracelet

Wrapped in Courage Bracelet

A gift to Jenna Tocatlian. This bracelet is part of the Myanmar Collection, which seeks to represent the courage of a woman who is trafficked internationally. Each story tells of a woman who not only survives, but is brave enough to believe she can wholly escape slavery. When these women return to their home countries and are welcomed into Eden, they journey forward through hardship towards empowerment. Let these bright colors with a tiny elephant in splashes of gold act as a reminder of these Asian women’s courage and in turn be an inspiration for those who wear the bracelet.

Graceful Pearls Bracelet

Graceful Pearls Bracelet

A gift to Hannah Do. There is something precious, graceful and deeply profound at the core of each Woman. This bracelet, made of freshwater pearls and Tibetan silver beads, hopes to inspire and empower trafficked girls and women, as they truly are graceful, and slowly transition to their new lives with confidence, dignity, and beauty.

Titanium Justice Necklace

Titanium Justice Necklace

Something for myself. Mei Mei, is the brave young mother who inspired this piece. When she spoke about her trafficking experience her words demanded a collection of jewelry to respond to her call to action. “Within the space of four years I lost my identity, lost my daughter, lost my dignity, lost my freedom and then was put in prison like a common criminal. I am just one; there are thousands and thousands of my sisters who are still being exploited. I am speaking on their behalf. Please, when you have the opportunity, help bring my sisters home. Fight for the rights of trafficking victims, for their freedom and dignity.”

March is Women’s History Month

Please consider visiting and see for yourself what piece of jewelry speaks to you – and the story behind it. Or consider joining the Committed Movement.

Let’s make the world a better place!

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass.

The Center for Innocent Children in Vietnam needs your help! By contributing to the Happy Planet Children fundraising campaign, you are making the statement that despite being abandoned by their families or orphaned, these children deserve a decent childhood, an education, and a chance at a better life. Your willingness to help makes all the difference.

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