Association FLAME

Germaine Tocatlian

The Association FLAME was created in 1989 by Patrice SCIORTINO, composer, and Germaine TOCATLIAN, piano teacher at the Schola Cantorum in Paris.

The objectives of  FLAME are to identify, promote and support young talents at the beginning of their career. The FLAME Competition was created in 1990 in order to select pianists, violinists, cellists, violists and singers. The winners have been and are granted prizes and scholarships to attend, at the Summerakademie of  the Mozarteum of Salzburg, Master classes of teachers of prestigious international renown, such as  J. Berger, G. Hoffman, H. Shapiro for cello;  J. Fournier, P. Roczek , M. Friscenschlager, I. Ozim, I. Oistrach for violin; S. Perticaroli, K.H. Kämmerling, O. Gardon for piano, E. Battaglia, T. Krause and R. Raimondi for singing.

The winners have been invited to play at concerts in Austria in the framework of  the FLAME Festival at the Salzburger Schlosskonzerte and the Leopoldskrone Seminar Center, in Italy in Rome (Tempietto concerts) and in Genoa (Amici di Paganini concerts, Pasquale Anfossi Association concerts), and in France, in Paris, at the Cathedral Sainte-Croix, the American Cathedral, the Schola Cantorum, The Sorbonne, the CNEA, in Normandy, at the Moulin d’Andé, in Burgundy, in the Roussillon, etc.

Since its creation, the FLAME Competition has received more than 1500 candidates from 38 countries, and 249 pianists, violinists, violists, and singers from 16 to 30 years old have been rewarded.

In 2001, the FLAME Competition was open to young pianists and violinists from 6 to 16 years old. 504 candidates have taken part  in the Competition and they chose the programme to play.

The winners participate in the final winners’ concert of the Competition and in several concerts in France. Since 2010, young winners of the Grand Prize of the Competition also have taken part in course for gifted children at the Sommerakademie of the Mozarteum in Salzburg.The FLAME Competition juries have been presided by prestigious musicians, let us mention for the piano, Gaby Casadesus (France), Dana Ciocarlie (Rumania), Carlo Guaitoli (Italy), George Kern (USA), Olivier Gardon (France), Alexandre Müllenbach (Luxemburg), Sergio Perticaroli (Italy) and Bruno Rigutto (France) ; for strings, Julius Berger (Germany), Dimitri Chorafas (Greece), Nicole Entremont (France), Jean Fournier (France), Michael Frischenschlager (Austria), Louise Hopkins (United-Kingdom), Luz Leskowitz (Austria), Paul Roczek (Austria) ; for singing, Viorica Cortez (Rumania), Robert Kettelson (USA), Stephen Mudge (United-Kingdom), Carmen Vilalta (Italy).A large number of winners pursued a national or international career: Eric Artz, David Bismuth, Schaun Choo, Lorène de Ratuld, François Gassion, Yedam Kim, Katia Krivokochenko, Catherine Ordronneau, Tristan Pfaff, Fernando Rossano, Dona Sévène, Vesselin Stanev, Juliana Steinbach, Nathalie Seror among the pianists; Radu Blidar, Marina Chiche, Kai Gleusteen, Julien Szulman, Ching Yun Tu among theviolonists; Guillaume Martigné, Julien Chappot, Tristan Cornut, Yuki Ito, Jacob Shaw, Charles Watt among the cellists; Gaëlle Arquez, Julie Fuchs, Anna Kasyan, Clara Meloni, Heng Shi among the singers.

Since its creation, the FLAME Competition has been hosted (in chronological order) by the Austrian Institute, UNESCO, the Gulbenkian Foundation, the Philomuses Association, the Sixteenth District Town-Hall of Paris, the Ile Saint-Louis Theatre, the Schola Cantorum, and La cité des Arts.

The Gala Concert of the twentieth anniversary of FLAME Competition was celebrated on May 2009 in the prestigeous Theatre Marigny Robert Hossein. In 2011, the selection and final concert of the XXIInd Competition will take place at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris, in partnership with the Paris Town-Hall.

The FLAME Competition has been supported by EDF (1991-1998), UNESCO (1991-2002), the Austrian Institute  (1990-2007) EISAI Foundation (2006-2008) and the Sommerakademie of the Mozarteum in Salzburg (since 1991).

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