Multi-Quantum Philosophy

Dr. Leon believes
In the power of humanity
And the potential of multi-quantum responsibility.

And he would know…

He is a Philosophy Professor.
A Quantum Physicist.
A Political Refugee.
And founder of multi-quantum philosophy.

Dr. Leon lives in the streets of Melbourne
By choice
Surrounded by his sweeping collection of books.

He will share his universe
With whoever will join him
On his quest for knowledge.

A quest for morality
Challenging the mind
Challenging the status quo.

Dr. Leon will remind us
That nothing is perfect
Nothing is permanent.

That there is no before
No after
Just now.

That there is no good
No bad
There just ‘is’.

That there is no left
No right
No up
No down
That you can only see ahead.

That nothing
doesn’t mean nothing.

That religion was created by mankind
to control and divide.

That politics is 
Hypocritical, arrogant, and selfish.

That we can agree to disagree.

Dr. Leon lives in the streets of Melbourne
By choice.
Be his friend.
Be humble.
Be responsible.

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