Jaywalking With Jay

“Whoever wants to engage people’s interest must provoke them.”
– Salvador Dali

Meet Jay

I took this photo of @JayTheAuthor one evening as we aimlessly jaywalked across the streets of Melbourne after enjoying a bowl of laksa soup with our friend Vinccie. The street bench in the photo seems to fade away the same way Jay challenges us to loose our conscious and unconscious biases towards the less fortunate.

Jay has been challenging Melburnians to think differently about the people who live in their streets ever since he wrote his first #DearStranger poem and posted it on a wall in the Southbank. Since then, his stories have made it around the world and touched the hearts of many.

Meet Leon

Leon is no longer the bum who lives under a bridge along the Yarra River. He’s the modern philosopher who loves to read and wants everyone to have access to education.

Meet Kwin

Kwin is no longer the lady who lays by the McDonalds on Swanston Street. She’s the rainbow maker who has brightens our footpath on the way to work. ‘A gift to the people of the city’, as she likes to say.

For more jaywalking…

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