Lanzhou Noodle Soup

Montreal has a lot of phenomenal restaurants and there are a few eateries I try stopping by every time I’m in town. One of these restaurants is Nouilles de Lan zhou located in Chinatown at 1006 Boulevard Saint Laurent.

This small and busy Chinese fast-food restaurant resides on the first floor above a supermarket. It is known for its beef hand-pulled noodle soup and will serve the freshest noodles you’ve ever eaten: it takes less than three minutes from the time the noodles are made to when they’re served in a savory broth.

See for yourself…

Lanzhou Beef hand-pulled noodle, also known as Lanzhou beef noodle is a renowned typical dish in Lanzhou. Dating back as far a Tang Dynasty, it is said that the authentic Lanzhou beef noodle was first created by Ma Baozi, a chef of Hui minority.

The dish has enjoyed great reputation and popularity both in China and all over the world with its unique flavor – broth clear as mirror, well-cooked beef aroma, fine and delicate noodle, together with its five condiments known by their colors as Clear, White, Red, Green and Yellow, standing for Clear broth, White radish, Red chili oil, Green coriander and Yellow garlic.

Lanzhou Noodle Soup is designated as on of the three great Chinese fast-food dishes by the China Cuisine Association and given the reputation as the First Noodle of China.

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