Beautiful Pressures: The Influence and Impact of Beauty on Society

Lights. Camera. Action. In the media, we are constantly seeing abnormally thin women with flawless complexions that look like they are living the ideal lives. When many people look at an advertisement they often question what they could do to be more like the models. Will this product make me prettier? Will this product make me skinnier? One would not think that every ad you see is a lie; every image is retouched. This is a strategy used to make the women look more desirable.

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Armand Tocatlian 1926-2011

Armand M.G. Tocatlian, 84, of Ewing, passed away on Friday August 26, 2011 at home with his family by his side. He was an Electrical Engineer retiring from Rohm & Haas in Philadelphia after many years of service. He was very active in various ministries at Incarnation Church including the prison ministry, one that he was extremely proud of.

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The Legend of Armand Tokatyan

All through my childhood, my Uncle Armand was to me more of a legend than a real person. When my father talked about his famous brother, Armand, who lived in the United States, and sang at the Metropolitan Opera, I did not think that I would some day actually meet him. The United States was in those days, very very far from Alexandria Egypt where we lived.

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