Waves From The Sky

There’s something magical about drones as they allow you to navigate in a three-dimensional space otherwise reserved for birds and expensive manned aircrafts. Today’s drones are helping democratize the skies and make it possible for more people – both hobbyists and professionals – to travel in a newfound dimension of photography and videography. Although a newbie dronard is altering how I see things and spreading the reach of what I can see.

Beach from above

Last weekend, I had the chance to travel along California State Highway 1 between Big Sur and San Francisco while trying to escape from triple-digit record warm temperatures at home. The scenery was majestic as always. But this time, I didn’t need to wonder what the beach looks like from a birds-eye-view. I was able to capture waves crashing along Marina State Beach near Monterey Bay from a spectacular viewpoint just like a passing bird may have witnessed.

It’s a Shark!

That evening, while scrummaging through video footage I had taken earlier that day, I came across this shot of a shark traveling along the coast. What a surprise! As it turns out, I’m not alone observing sharks lurking near the shore. Apparently, some young great white sharks ranging in size from 6 to 12 feet have been hanging out close to the shore in the Monterey Bay for the past few months, swimming off to the deep waters offshore to feed, then coming into the warmer shallows in the afternoon to rest.

Happy travels young shark!


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Get Your Own Drone!

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