Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

The good, the bad, and the ugly
Made you who you are.
How others see you.
How you see others.
How you see the world.

Is tomorrow. And just that.
A time you may be able to influence.
But not control.

Just like street art
Life can be beautiful.
Your life is your canvas.

Just like street art
Life is just a moment otherwise gone.
Your art. Your life. Your moment.
That’s what makes life so beautiful.

Street art is performing arts.
Street art is color
In an otherwise black and white world.

A graffiti.
A poem.
A portrait.
A song.
A dance.

Others may not understand.
Others may not care.
But you understand. You care.
And some will cheer you along the way.
On your quest
to make the world
a better place.
One color at a time.
One moment at a time.

Not yesterday.
Not tomorrow.
But today.

The street is my studio.
The street is your studio.
The street is our studio.

Inspired by @jaytheauthor
Dedicated to @paintapainter

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