6,000 followers strong on Twitter!

Kisau Photography by Paul Tocatlian on Twitter

Please join us on Twitter for noteworthy photography news, tips, and tutorials. We will also be featuring work from our favourite photographers in an effort to educate, inspire, and advocate both aspiring and professional photographers.

Here are some of the more popular tweets you may enjoy:


  1. karentokatyan · · Reply

    Great news!!! Living down under agrees with you :)I do not do Twitter…And, I must admit, that I despise Photoshop, or any other computer program where one can alter photos…it has ruined photography for me. 😦 When I take a photo, what I saw, it what you get…not an altered image. I just find it sad…my opinion!!!I realized this in a photography club meeting! 🙂 LOL!Hugs,Moi Karen Tokatyan-Collins    78 Kent Road South    Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754-1209    860-672-2379

    1. Thanks for your note, Karen. Many people have a tendency to over do it with Photoshop. This is one of the reasons why I’ve shied away from it – until now – in favour of Lightroom. Most of the tips I share on Twitter focuses more on how to get the best photo out of the camera and minimise the amount of post-production required. Be safe and keep smiling!

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