What is #BYODedu?


BYOD policies are circulating in over 40% of all school districts in the USA, and that’s predicted by some analysts to double in 18 months. Meanwhile, in countless classrooms, investments sit quietly, waiting to be used. And just down the halls, many other teachers are formulating their own approaches. And some are creating extraordinary results.

We’ve come a long way in managing, securing and moving digital content and devices. Yet at the heart of the matter, in the dynamic between teacher and student, most educators approaching BYOD struggle. The year ahead provides us with all of the ideas, models, policies and, most importantly, collaborative technologies to make sense out of the opportunity. Let’s call for a global, open frontier conversation on how to make device-integrated classroom teaching really work.

So what is #BYODedu?

#BYODedu is about bringing #anydevice into the classroom, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop. No device should be left behind.

#BYODedu is about letting teachers and students use their devices before, during and after class. #anytime, #anywhere

#BYODedu is about giving teachers the tools to make the most of technology in the classroom without the distractions. Making the classroom a better place.

#BYODedu is about keeping teachers, students, parents, and administrators engaged and working together.

#BYODedu is about personalized learning in an effort to improve student learning outcomes.

#BYODedu is not about the hardware, but the software that allows for a better teaching and learning experience. ORMI is #BYODedu.

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