Embark on a seamless journey from Web applications to mobile apps

Magnet Systems recently published an infographic illustrating the journey of an enterprise from the Web to mobile apps. Embarking on such journey isn’t necessarily a smooth ride, especially for companies trying to build TRUE enterprise-grade mobile apps from the ground up. The road is run-down with potholes on one end and under construction on the other. Nevertheless, it is an important journey that every enterprise is or will need to undertake.

The infographic includes several interesting data points, among them a quote from a recent Accenture survey indicating that “73 percent of global IT executives said that mobility will impact their business as much as or more than the Web did.” It also does a nice job at highlighting key challenges enterprises will need to overcome and some important enablers they should seek.

The subject of TRUE enterprise-grade mobile apps should resonate with companies that built mobile apps but didn’t account for offline operations, transactional integrity, reliable notifications, and other services aimed at optimizing interactions between their mobile apps and backend systems. The infographic also suggests investing in a mobile framework where “trust” and “context” are key themes that can help drive user engagement.

So how do you make the journey more seamless? One can make a case for enterprise mobile middleware and how mobile middleware enables trusted and contextual user experiences:

Enterprise Mobile Middleware

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