The Sounds Of Music: A Walk Down Memory Lane

My parents have always been music junkies. Mom played her first piano concert when she was sixteen and has been playing and teaching piano ever since. Uncle Alexandre Ballian and Great Uncle Armand Tokatyan (who was immortalized in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) were both opera singers. Dad dabbles on the piano to this day. I played the saxophone for a short while until my brother decided to sell it.

If someone wasn’t playing music at home, we were listening to it. Living in France at the time meant we listened to French music quite often. We didn’t always agree on the music selection, but often found a happy medium alternating between genres. I still remember my Grandfather Joseph rushing to the bathroom when he heard Julien Clerc or some other singer he disliked.

I compiled below a collection of music videos from singers that are part of my childhood and adolescence. I was both surprised and grateful to find them online – thanks to YouTube. Now before you make fun of my music choices, take a moment and just imagine what your childhood would have been like without the sounds of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, or the “ABC song.”

Listen To The Music

Bimbo Jet, Chantal GoyaCharles AznavourClaude FrancoisClaude NougaroDalidaDemis RoussosEddie MitchellEnrico MaciasFrance GallGeorges BrassensGerard LenormanHenri SalvadorIle Aux EnfantsJacques BrelJoe DassinJohnny HallidayJulien ClercLaurent VoulzyMichel BergerMichel Delpech, Michel FugainMichel Jonasz, Michel LegrandMichel PolnareffMichel SardouMike BrantMireille MathieuPatrick JuvetPierre PerretRichard GotainerRika ZaraiSerge GainsbourgSylvie VartanYves Montand.

To listen to a song, either pick a music video below or play the entire playlist on YouTube.

Bimbo Jet

Chantal Goya

Charles Aznavour

Claude Francois

Claude Nougaro


Demis Roussos

Eddy Mitchell

Enrico Macias

France Gall

Georges Brassens

Gerard Lenorman

Henri Salvador

Ile Aux Enfants

Jacques Brel

Joe Dassin

Johnny Halliday

Julien Clerc

Laurent Voulzy

Michel Berger

Michel Delpech

Michel Fugain

Michel Jonasz

Michel Legrand

Michel Polnareff

Michel Sardou

Mike Brant

Mireille Mathieu

Patrick Juvet

Pierre Perret

Richard Gotainer

Rika Zarai

Serge Gainsbourg

Sylvie Vartan

Yves Montand

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